Infotainment Systems Case Studies

During my time in EDAG Engineering GmbH I participated in the development of an original Infotainment System to showcase and define our team process to clients.

The design is based on a large touchscreen display with a rotary knob and no extra controls, to keep the vehicle clean and functional.

A “windmill metaphor” guide the user through the circular interface. A high degree of customization makes it easier for car makers to provide a tailored experience to each individual driver.

The prototype was first sketched on paper, then further iteration were mocked up in Photoshop and later the whole project was functionally built using the industry standard EB Guide.

For another prototype we started with in-depth knowledge of the customer, so the demonstrator was built to harmonize with their expectations, the patterns and the research behind the brand.

Starting from simple wireframes the idea was branched and then developed into concepts, then into more detailed graphical documents, and was finally built into the final Kanzi prototype.

The Graphic, HMI and Ergonomics team developed an original navigational pattern to avoid distracting the driver and to give quick context cues during the operation on the infotainment system.

Thanks to in-house performance and usability testing we were able to focus on the issues at hand to provide a sleek final product to the customer.